It has only been less than two weeks but Sharina has had multiple features with our local publications and channels to talk about her life experiences, road to success and her #IAMSHARINLOVE personal campaign.

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Sharina is in Manila until November 30.

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Meet Sharina Gutierrez: This Pinay International Model Should Definitely Be On Your Radar
“Sharina knows exactly how she’s going to do this—with her I am Sharin Love project. As someone who is deeply spiritual and practices meditation on a regular basis, Sharina’s trip home is rooted in her journey of self-discovery, which involves giving back to her community as much as she possibly can. After buying the I am Sharin Love domain, she plans to put up a non-profit organization in the Philippines based on its name; she also launched her own YouTube channel. “I am Sharin Love” came about after a consultation with her spiritual shaman revealed that she needed to change her name to “Sharin.” She would write “I am Sharin” repeatedly every day, and she knew this statement needed to be attached to another word. “There were so many options,” she said, recalling the day she had to select her domain. “Dot collection, dot calm, dot you know, and so on and so forth. None of them worked, and I was like, alright. Let me see. And I put dot love, ‘cause that’s what the law of attraction is, right? It’s about love. The aha moment came shortly after. A friend of hers told her it sounded like she was saying “I am sharing love,” and the rest is history. So when I put that, it automatically clicked. I was like cool, okay, ‘I am Sharin Love.'””- Cosmo.ph

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Girl Most Likely: The third act of Pinay model Sharina Gutierrez

“She’s worked with the best—from Arthur Elgort to Bruce Weber—and done the fashion mag circuit, appearing in Vogue Italia, American Vogue and many others of similar prestige. As she comes home to Manila for a visit, her focus is on giving back.”– Alyssa Lapid, ANC

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HOMECOMING QUEENSHARINA GUTIERREZ: It’s been 10 years since I last came home to the Philippines. But what led me to finally come home is my spiritual journey. I woke up from the darkness I was in, basically. It was eight months of depression and internal problems until my spiritual mentor Donna Karan saw a light in me. She woke me up and helped me go through an internal change, going through my childhood traumas and helping me let old things go. I realized through the journey that I needed to find out who I was and who I really am. It’s a journey of self-discovery and it starts here. Now I’m home.

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