Why we think Siobhan is the epitome of #GOALS

Why we think Siobhan is the epitome of #GOALS


The camera loves her, and so do we! With her disarming beauty and empowering personality, the spotlight is on Siobhan Moylan, and we don’t think it’s dimming anytime soon.  

More than half a million views and almost 5,000 shares on Facebook—that’s how big her recent McDonald’s commercial has gotten. For a young model like Siobhan, this is a huge step towards a blossoming career. Siobhan has been modeling freelance prior to being signed by IM Agency. She then realized that working exclusively has its own perks saying, “IM has really helped me to direct my vision for the future and for my career. They’ve protected me from jobs that do not fit my interests, while giving me jobs that do; and they’ve encouraged me to reach for the stars.”

Siobhan is back in Manila from October 17-24.

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